Friday, November 26, 2010

School Pictures: Defining Deception

Yesterday, I spent the day with the students at the smallest Elementary School. Those students are simply awesome. However, yesterday was school picture day for the teachers. I received a piece of paper from my supervisor telling me when the picture was going to be and what it was for (the 6th graders book). When I confirmed with him that the clothes I was wearing would be fine, I didn't think much about the school picture after that. The actual picture ordeal was with the teachers and not with the 6th grade class, like I was told. When I left for my 2nd period class (cute 2nd graders and fruits) the teachers had on warm-ups and crocs, but 45 minutes later, they were wearing full professional wear and dress shoes. Oh dear. I had on khaki pants and a blue sweater, so towards the more casual side, but oh well. I took my spot in the back row and did a small grin (without showing my teeth of course). I’ve seen what these pictures look like, as I've spent a lot of free time roaming the hallways of different schools, looking at previous pictures. No one smiled, so I thought it was best to keep my pearly whites hidden. Now, I will live forever in the hallway at that school, since the pictures start from when the school first opened. I’ve never seen another ALT in those pictures, so that will be a surprise to anyone looking at the picture. I guess it is kind of an honor to be allowed to take part in school pictures because I only visit that school about 20 times per school year.

By the time 3rd period was over, everyone was back in their normal, everyday wear like nothing had ever happened. And that is how school pictures can be the ultimate deception.

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