Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Festival at Inuyama Castle (Part 2)

On Sunday I was greeting with blue skies and about 60 degree weather, a wonderful start to my Sunday. I’ve noticed lately that starting in February and continuing until now, the wind is fairly strong and consistent in my area. In the morning it’s relatively calm, but towards lunchtime and especially in the late afternoon, the wind is whipping about. Sunday morning was devoted to laundry and airing out my futons (you’re supposed to hang them outside for about 4-5 hours every 2 weeks to prevent bugs, or something like that). In the afternoon, one of the JHS English teachers picked me up from my apartment and off we went to Inuyama Castle.

Once we found a place to park, we met up with another JHS English teacher and off we went to the castle. Since there were so many people, there was a 40 minute line to enter the castle. The reason being mainly that the only way to get into the castle is to climb up these huge and scary stairs, however you must go up single file because the stairway is very narrow and steep. Once at the top, we had an amazing view of the river and the festival. I took some pictures, but since I’d been here once before, I wasn’t as photogenic. After the castle, it was time for dinner. We walked to the Inuyama Meitetsu Hotel and sat down for a 7 or 8 course dinner. I totally spaced on taking pictures (sorry). But in true Japanese fashion, the dinner was both delicious to my eyes and stomach. We had sushi, rice, sukiyaki (beef and veggies cooked in front of you in a broth), and other treats. After dinner it was time for the most relaxing part of my day. We went into the public bath/hot spring and had a nice long soak. The water is special because it has a really low Ph level, and it feels a little slimy. However, once out of the bath, my skin felt wonderful. A quick drive home and I was ready for bed (and off to another work week)!

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